Buying a vintage Hamilton

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For the past several days, I have been tracking two vintage electric Hamiltons on a certain internet auction site (nudge, nudge, wink, wink). One was a Vantage that doubled in price by the end. The other, an Everest II is tempting.

However, even armed with Rene's books, I am not wading into the vintage pool at this point because I simply don't know what I am doing.

For a potential vintage buyer/owner, what advice do you have for buying a pre-owned and collectible Hamilton?
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Easiest way is to purchase from one of our vintage watch'll get exactly what you want. Buying elsewhere, such as an auction, plan to take it to your watchmaker..know what he'll charge you to clean & oil. (ask if he takes it apart or dips).. I look for a clean crystal for they can cost you $50 up. I will buy a watch that has a clean crystal & dial and runs for a little bit and stops....90% of the time it just needs cleaning and oiled. I always want a clean dial a little patina is OK. knowing your extra costs is the key...Accutron...I would not buy one not running....As far as a Hamilton Electric I am anxious to learn for I have stayed away.....Not for long though.

There is no better feeling than to bring a dying watch back to life...I've been in SF for two days and only brought vintage with's what I wore today..

Rose gold, copper dial and blued hands!

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