butcherd 218s

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Has anyone else seen the butchered up 218s on eBay for sale? The seller is calling these custom one of a kind Accutrons. Why would somebody mess with one of the greatest watches in history? It really suprises me what somebody would do for a extra dollar. Just my opinion, as I think things from our past should be preserved and not made "one of a kind" for extra profit!!!:cursing:

Sorry mod if this is inappropriate. I just thought this was horrible to do to a Fine Accutron!
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Just seems all the 214s will end up spaceview conv. There is a jeweler here in town that converts every 214 he buys. Why can't people just leave them alone?
I love a spaceview, as I own 2 of them. A 1965 Alpha spaceview was the second Accutron I bought. It just seems some people forget that some 214s are sopposed to have dials and convert them regardless of being original (case,dial,movement) . Just the thought of somebody trying to redesign a 218 into a spaceview just makes me sick. I do like the original 218 spaceview that bulova issued. Most of my family and friends think my spaceview is broke the first time they see it because it does not have a dial. But I'm only 23 and most my friends think a nice watch is just for looks with all fake diamonds and such.
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Yea I have sevral watches that the case and movement don't match, and like you said I enjoy wearing them but would never sale them as orginal. It was hard convincing my wife I needed a expensive Alpha model but at the same time I bought her a 14k women's Accutron from 1972. So she obliged that idea!
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