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Now here is a strange one! I discovered this watch a couple weeks ago on The Bay listed by a seller in Canada. The dial is clearly labeled "Westfield" with "17 Jewesl" under the name and with "Nivaflex", "Shockproof" above the "6". The outside of the case back is marked "Stainless Steel", "Water Resistant", "Automatic", "Incabloc" and "Antimagnetic". No markings on the inside. The watch arrived yesterday and when I removed the case back, I discovered a movement marked "Arday", "11NX".

Very little information exists on Arday watches and member Hawk53, Westfield specialist, is aware of them. Apparently these were named after Joseph Bulova's son Arde and only produced/sold in the late '50s in a limited model range and sold for $12.95. The movement seems to be a Japanese copy of the Swiss FHF72 movement.

So, why is there an Arday movement in a watch with a Westfield dial? Could be that in the late '50s when Bulova was dropping the Westfield brand they built watches with anything that was available., including a case back indicating "Automatic". Hawk53 has seen examples of this in late Westfields. The Bulova "L" case back wrench fit perfectly and the case back was properly mated to the case with an o-ring gasket on the case back. Nivaflex was a brand of unbreakable mainsprings and the name was placed on dials for a period of time earlier in their production.

Is this watch as it left the factory -a hybrid of left-over parts - or is it a Frankenwatch? I could go either way. I don't think the dial would have the term "Nivaflex" on it if the movement installed by the factory was a Westfield movement. Overall, the watch is in pretty good condition. The only place showing age is the dial with a couple places of. Issuing finish. The case, crystal, hands and crown are in excellent condition. There is even a clear plastic sticker still on the case back. It winds, sets and runs very well. This was the last piece I wanted to add to my small Westfield collection - a more modern round cased model from the '50s. A perk is the vintage Accutron logo leather band on the watch. It will eventually find a home on one of my Accutrons!

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