Bulova Accuquartz hummmm

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4 weeks week i receive from the bay this beauty

But it was out of battery. So i took time to find one battery for accutron model 218 and the tool to open the case back.
Saturday i have both and now here is the result

(i don't have yet set the correct date)

and the film to see the second moving like an automatic or a seiko spring drive

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Great watch and among the rarest of the tuning fork Accutrons(also the most accurate). Made only for a short time before they switched to a full quartz production as the tuning forks were too expensive to make and lasted too long.
Very nice!! CONGRATS!!! No doubt you will enjoy that for years to come!


Bestak I just watched the video. Very cool! Now I understand the whole accuquartz thing. Thanks for sharing!
Very cool :thumbup1: And a nice piece of history...
Thank's all

the watch is NOS according the seller but i have chance because if it won't restart the repair/cleaning was too expensive and too long 200鈧 and 4 month.

But it runs hummmmm

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Kaixo Bestak.......... tr猫s rares, un bien trouvent :)
Great addition to a fantastic collection!
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