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Well, not in arms but you get the point ;) Forgive the Omegas (!) but I like the line-up here.


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Omegas are easy to forgive in a case as well filled as that one. You have chosen well. The differences in the 2 Deep Seas on the left are interesting.
Skypilot - The two DS on the left are fundamentally the same except for the hands, of course. (Note to self: 8:45 is the worst possible time to take photos of watches ;)) I think you picked up one with pointed hands the other day if I remember correctly. I wasn't sure about that one as it was in terrible shape. It went off to Bulgaria and came back looking great. The crystal was shot so Ludmil fitted a Rolex with magnifier on the outside as opposed to the inside (as shown on the other one). It works well I think.

I looove the Snorkel. I looked a long time for the World Timer and although basically the same as the Snorkel, it doesn't have the same "spark" about it IMO.

The Moonwatch and SM 300 have the same cases but are more cousins than brothers I suppose ....

My M5 Astronaut has no relatives here I'm afraid :)

Any other relatives anyone?
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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