Breitling Tricolor

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Hi can anyone tell me about Breitling Tricolor? Is this a popular watch? A friend of mine bought one off of one of his friends who needed money and is thinking about selling it. Thanks for the help.

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Hi Eric,

I haven't heard of that model.. Got any pictures you can post? That may help us get you some info..

Scott, sorry its actually called the tricolori. He says that all he knows about it is it is a limited addition made for, or in honor of the Italians version of the Blue Angels. I found this on Ebay.
I will have him email me some pictures to see if that helps.
It sounds like the Breitling Chronomat limited edition Frecce Tricolori. According to the sales catlogue the Chronomat is the most popular model sold by Breitling, and I would imagine the Tricolori version would be very sought after as it is a numbered, limited edition model - limited to 4000 items. Scott D will be able to provide more info, I'm sure.
its a P.A.N freece tricolori limited edition 1955-1995 anniversaire # 2529 of 4000
Can anyone help"? I'm trying to see how much this watch is worth? thanks
Still need help !!


Can you tell me how much is this Breitling worth?:thumbup1:

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