Breitling Superocean Vs. Omega Seamaster Collection Comparison

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I have not always been a fan of Brietling but with this comparison I think they might be growing on me. Omega is a strong company and I have always been a huge fan of their Speedmaster collection, but that is why I give so much praise to the Superocean right now. It has such a simplified dial and overall case compared to their brand counterparts. I like that... a lot. I think simplicity is key in most everything, and with that said Breitling did a great job designing the Superocean. I read in "The Breitling Superocean v. The Omega Seamaster" on the Bob's Watches web site that the Superocean model line only contains 42, 44, and 46mm case sizes which is a little large for me personally, but I might be able to pull off a 42mm case size, (my sweet spot is 40mm). I do not want to get started on the bracelets unfortunatley... I have never been a fan of Brietling's bracelets so I will skip my opinions on them, but its a no for me in that regard. Very great comparison, these two watches are both beautiful and function with precision, but I do have to say I did not expect Breitling to tickle my horology heart. What would you guys choose, Breitling Superocean or Omega Seamaster ?
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