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Hey locomercedes,

Congrats on the new watch for the missus! :thumbup1: :thumbup1: :thumbup1: Its a great watch, I'm sure she'll enjoy it for many years.

Well, as far as info, what kind of information are you looking for? The Colt Oceane's powered by the Breitling SuperQuartz movement, one of the most accurate quartz movements in the world. :thumbup1: water resistant to 500 meters and has a sapphire crystal with glareproofing on both sides of the crystal. Nothing really to keep in mind for daily wear as it's a tough watch that'll take whatever you throw at it. If there's more specific info you're looking for, do let us know & we'll see what we can come up with...

Also, the B-2 is a great watch to want. Though it is a discontinued model & you'll probably have difficulty finding a new one in a dealer, though not impossible. There could be a few left in the system, but they're going to be rare as they haven't been made for about a year or so.

Good luck & do let us know if you have any questions!! :thumbup:
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