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Hello, new member here. These are a few shots I recently took of my Blackbird. Got it this Xmas, being my third Breitling (+ '93 Antares and '02 Chronomat). I'll be posting pics of my Antares when it's back from servicing in a couple of weeks. :001_smile:

When going to the beach or simply exercising around, the Ocean Racer strap with deployante looks splendid too.

About the Cockpit, I totally agree with Scott and some other members: it's a gorgeous watch, sober and elegant. Somehow the offspring of the Antares lineup. I photoshop'd my favorite combo using elements from the official website, and hopefully prefiguring my next Breitling!

Here is a couple of pics of my Motors T. I hope the pics work

A few of the Chrono Cockpit:

I think I can see a Breitling in my future...
81 - 87 of 87 Posts
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