Breitling Basel Silence....

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Well the rumors on the Rolex & Omega's are flying high.. On the other side, I haven't heard pep one on any new Breitlings. Granted, Breitling seems to take a low key at basel, and even introduces models after the show & not at it..

But, has anyone heard any rumors on new Breitling models????
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What about the 55mm Monster Avenger or the B-ur Flieger chrono JK:biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:
Breitling Will Survive with or without ETA that is for sure! They have a way of getting things done no matter what:thumbup: I think they will develope their own movements (if they havent already):001_smile:
Has anyone seen the re-styled SA? I like it but, i Love my Older style better:001_smile:

How about the re-styled SuperOcean? Im liking that one alot!
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