Brand Battle: Breitling vs. Tag Heuer

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Hi everyone-

We just posted a new poll on our blog. Curious to hear your take: Which brand do you prefer?

Breitling or Tag Heuer?

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*epic music* I say TAG has better styling but breitling is better quality. Just my 2 cents
Uh...seriously? :blink:

I'm biased Breitling...I like SOME-FEW Tag designs, but have had a 100% failure rate in my two Tags...luckily I got full refunds.

I mean come on; Breitling is IMHO a much better made, quality watch. Granted some are over-the-top with nauseating bling, but overall I'm way more impressed with Breitling than ANY Tag.

Tag is still to me an over-priced fashion watch. I won't tell you what my friends and I who like watches call them...Dennis
i hate how my ipod corrects breitling to breathing :cursing:
They both have some gorgeous watches, as well as some questionable pieces, but overall I would give the nod to Breitling. I fall in love with my Montbrillant Datora just a little bit more each time I put it on.
After seeing the movie "The Grey" last week, I have decided that Breitling's are worthless! :001_tt2:

(Actually, I prefer Breitling... too many bad memories of guys in Miami in the 80's wearing a Tag (likely quartz?) and far TOO much Drakkar! :lol:)
On the modern side it's definitely Breilting IMO. The TAG Carrera Twin Time didn't last 6 months with me. Nice, but couldn't compare to my Chrono Cockpit.

Now if we're talking vintage (pre-1985 before TAG bought Heuer and pre-1979 before Breitling went under) I'll take Heuer by a whisker. Their watches were a big part of history in the race to bring the automatic chronograph to market. Both made some good looking pieces in the 60's and 70's.

i hate how my ipod corrects breitling to breathing :cursing:
Yeah, it isn't so smart after all, huh? :wink:
I'm a big and unapologetic Tag fan; I own two and no problems thus far. Frankly, I've never owned or even touched a Breitling and therefore consider myself unqualified to make a judgment. As for quality, well ... there's a reason Breitling is Breitling. Frankly, given the disparity in price points and overall prestige, there's probably no doubt that Breitling is the better overall brand. For me, however, I'm starting to collect Tags slowly, and they look good on my wrist. I guess what I'm trying to say, in a dithering way is ... I like Tag and respect Breitling for what it is.
It's a tough one. I find that Breitling's quality is better and lean towards them. Of course both have models I like but overall it's Breitling.
I'll be a middle-of-the-road extremist.
Breitling for hard-core actoin chronos, But I like TAG for more formal or business-dress models.
(The survey didn't allow for wiggle room, so I voted for Breitling)
Of current models; Breitling by a substantial margin.
Can we vote "none of the above"?

IMHO, these are the two brands that give the "in house movement" bandwagon their ammo.
I have a really hard time finding any TAG that appeals to me...Breitling, on the other hand is just the opposite. An entirely subjective answer, but it's the reason I don't look at TAG Heuer...
I don't own either, so I can't comment on either of them, but my boss has two Breitlings, and has told me time and time again, that Tag is a fashion brand, but at the same time, alot of guys here own both, and wear them both. I want to add a Tag F1 to my collection, I also like the Tag Gulf edition as well, why you might ask? because I'm a huge F1 fan, and love any form of auto racing, so Tag to me is more of familar brand.

I would be happy to own either of them.
I may have a small bias toward Tag ( being a former WM for them ) , but Tag has a much deeper product line and a very strong history of inovation . Brietlings are great watches but something of a one trick pony when it comes to design .Tag also has a much friendlier parts policy .
I have owned two Breitlings and experienced no issues with either. Both were automatics that maintained excellent time. I have no experience with Tag.
~tc~ said:
Can we vote "none of the above"?

IMHO, these are the two brands that give the "in house movement" bandwagon their ammo.
Boom. For truth! Might I also add that I am not the biggest fan of the swatch group? I like omega, but vintage were better same with TAG. the old heurers were really nice
One thing (and I'm sometimes guilty) about these threads is although it's an opinion I find more weight in opinions of those who have experience with both, the F1s still turn my head...I know it's a WAY over priced quartz but there's something about the design...:cool1:, which my oldest loves, so I guess next year when he graduates and heads off to college that'll be his gift.

It's the same with reviews; is it just me or shouldn't you have had the watch for a while; months at least and maybe years before you give it a serious review?

Sorry rambling on...
This thread needs pictures.

Vintage '71 Heuer 1163 Autavia caliber 12 and modern Carrera Twin Time:

Modern Chrono Cockpit and vintage '70 Breitling 815.4 Long Plaing caliber Valjoux 7736:

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"This thread is worthless without pics!"

Come on guys, if we're to compare design, let's see some of the ones you favor! :001_smile:

I used to share the opinion of TAGs being overpriced - and then I totally fell for this one:

I admit it, I bought it solely because of its looks, and you might say that it's not worth the price given what's inside. But I don't care, I love it anyway. :001_tt2:

I'll also admit that I'm not all that familiar with that many Breitlings, but a lot of the ones I've seen are too busy for my tastes. Of course, I could say that about some of the TAGs as well. :wink:

So, while we can't debate overall quality with pics, we can certainly do so with design. So, let's see your faves! :biggrin:

Edit: Doh! Dennis, you read my mind while I was posting!
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