Bought a Longines ultra chrone

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Hi vintage collectors!!
I just bought a longines ultra chron automatic caliber 431 model 7885-3 on ebay.

Now the feeling of it being a repaired watch is after me. Could you give me your opinion about below dial? Repaired or not? The image was resized so I am not sure whether you will see it clear.
Thank you


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What is it about the watch that you are concerned about ??
If you see the picture, the hands are missing some yellow luminiscent at the edge, but this is a matter of time that might have fallen. I am not concerned about it.
At 6 o'clock you find a different bit, from the others you find at 12, 3 and 9 o'clock...which makes me consider it was repaired. Of course, need to have some vintage watch experience to confirm.
I dont think you have anything to be concerned about. Both issues you mention are relatively common.

Btw.... nice watch. :thumbup1:
I would say, concerned or not, it depends on the price paid and if it was indicated or not on the selling details. And this is the main problem about people selling replicas or repaired vintage watch around. The price drops on either case.

Thanks for your opinion, I agree it is a nice watch.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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