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Hi all,
So, after having read so many people's bad experiences with black-dialed Connies, I've become scared of all black-dialed Omegas! What do people think about this one? The "S" in the Seamaster looks like the old style font. Unfortunately the seller appears to be a bit of a newbie, and didn't know the caliber or case number (and doesn't know how to remove the back....). He's told me it is a bumper. Would love your opinions!


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It's a case reference 2757 with probably a caliber 355. The only other date at 6 bumper is a 353 usually found in a 2627, but that reference has more pronounced notches at the outside of the base of the lugs where they meet the case.

I can't tell for sure if the dial is original from those pics but I'd lean towards saying yes. The fonts look okay, the seem to be printed with the correct color ink to match the markers & hands, and from what I can see of the minute/second track it's in good alignment.
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