Benrus Watch Company Reborn?

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Hi Everyone, I would love to hear your thoughts on this one:

Benrus Watch Co | The rebirth of a legend

Looks like someone in Luxembourg has purchased the rights to the Benrus name, and is attempting to relaunch the brand. I hope they are well financed, with their minds and hearts in the right place. I hope the price and quality are both "in line", and it would be wonderful to see the reintroduction of some classic styles. Interesting...
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Most of us have seen it all before...
1. A watch company goes out of business
2. Somebody comes along, buys the rights to the name
3. A new watch company then appears, using the glory of the original as part of their own description

More accurate is probably "The Re-marketing of a Legendary Name". Don't get me wrong...I echo your desires that their hearts are in the right place. It's nice to see the name again. But as any collector of vintage pieces will tell you, it's just not the same thing.
It sure would be! It's a pity that they're so new. We'll have to wait to see what else they come up with...heck, we have to wait just to see how they finish their website. :lol:
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