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I have this watch from my father's collect with a CF logo below the Benrus 3 stars. I cannot find anything like it or the art nouveau numbers. Does anyone know the logo or anything about this series 7035 watch? It is engraved with the name Andrew J. Ervin 1962. I am thinking it is military? but I don't think they put military
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logos on the watches. Thanks

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Benrus had a few neat watches during the 1950's & 1960's such as the 'Dial-o-Rama' and the Lord Simpson 'mystery' watch but they were a victim of the quartz revolution in the late 1960's and closed down without saving any of their documentation. What likely happened with your watch is that Consolidated Freightways (like many other companies) had a contract with Benrus to provide a series of watches that could be given to long term and/or retiring employees. The logo was easily added and the watch companies would generally use watch dials etc that were not big sellers. Most of the time they weren't anything special but occasionally you might find one with a solid gold case that has some value. I'd check the case for a solid gold marking (not GF / RGP / GP) and if none then keep it for sentimental reasons.

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It is definitely the Consolidated Freightways shipping company's logo. What's more; under magnification, the logo looks crudely hand-painted on the dial - like the original owner had a Saturday afternoon with nothing better to do.
In fact, I'd remove the crystal and check the whole dial under high magnification, because I wouldn't be surprised if the numerals were hand-painted as well.
The watch itself isn't special, so the hand painting does nothing to "ruin the value" of the watch. Just the opposite in fact.
The hand decoration adds a certain charm to the watch, as well as a special connection to your father.
Take care of this watch and I wish you many joyous years of ownership!

P.S.- wouldn't you say those numerals are closer to art deco than they are art nouveau?
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