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Hi Guys,

Yesterday I fell in love at first sight.

I took a special 200 mile trip to go and see my AD friend yesterday. Not to pick up any watches, for a change, but to pick up Helen's Christmas present. A nice pair of diamond earrings that she more than deserves.

Whilst I am at his shop my friend always lets me try on the latest models he has had in that he thinks may interest me. Last time I was very fortunate to be able to get intimate with one of the limited edition 50th Anniversary SS Speedys that go for well over £5000 :)drool::drool:).

This time he brought out a collection of watches and one immediately made my heart skip. It was absolutely stunning beyond words. I've not felt like this about a watch for a long time.

The upside is that I could afford it. The downside is that I'm having a really hard time convincing myself that I should be buying yet another watch so soon after my latest aquisition in September (a Breitling; Sorry Zin).

I am still trying to come up with a plan of acheiving this goal. I may decide to sell a couple of watches to justify it.

The really good news is that Helen also picked it out straight away and said "That is the most gorgeous watch I have ever seen". So this may become a joint ownership.

So, the object of my desire...........?

This beauty....

Zin made this a WOTD a while back and I'm sure then I replied saying that I thought it was stunning. Well, as good as these archive pictures are, you have to see this Rose Gold and SS version of the 1957 Speedy to fully appreciate how gorgeous it is.:001_tt1::001_tt1::001_tt1:

On top of that there is the fully dressed self winding Co-Axial column wheel chronograph movement, on full display through the Sapphire back, by Frederique Piquet (so I've been led to believe) to behold.:drool::drool::drool:

My AD only had the alligator strap version (MRRP £3650). Does anybody know the UK£ price for the bracelet version?

Sorry for babbling, but you know what it's like when you fall in love.:biggrin:

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Thanks for the enthusiasm Guys.

Trust me, I am working on it.

@Fergie. Thanks for looking in your catalogue. I came across the same problem. I have my AD friend ringing Eastliegh tomorrow to try and get me a MRRP. After that we'll haggle down to something we're both happy with. He has already offered me the strap version at a good price. I'm a little worried at how much the SS and red gold bracelet will add to the price.

The bracelet would be a good option because it has the quick set design, with screws, so my wife could wear it when she wanted to also.

@Beamon. I had spotted that you owned a SS version of this future classic and I recall why your wife bought it. I'm glad to see you are still enamoured with yours.
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