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What do I expect from Patek:
1) Probably some existing models that will be a couple millimeters bigger.
2) A discontinuation of a wildly popular watch
3) Something that will "wow" me that I never thought of.

What I would like to see from Patek:
1) A moonphase added to the 5960, I'll call it a Patek 5962 and the diamond version a 5963.
2) A Perpetual Calendar Flyback Chrono Tourbillion Power Reserve Minute Repeater under $100k. Unfortunately, $100k would only be a monthly payment on layaway for such an item :(
3) A Patek 5146 style watch, but it has a hand for the date, not a direct read wheel. To me, the date window on the 5146 always seems out of place.
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