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Many people ask me if watch winders are required for every automatic watch - following is my advice:

1) Basic Watch, no complications except date - RARELY WORN
No need for a watch winder to keep it running, just "quick set" the date when required

2) Basic watch, no complications except date - WORN DAILY EXCEPT WEEKENDS

In this case, if your watch wont cover the 48-72 hour weekend break, then a watch winder saves unscrewing the crown and resetting it each Monday morning

3) Watch with multiple complications like Full Perpetual Calendar.

A MUST for a watch winder - trying to reset a timepiece with full "perpetual calendar" is a "true" nightmare in disguise full of hidden potential very damaging results.

While helping in GOLDRUSH (Spain) I sold a colleague a Vacheron Constantin skeleton Full Perpetual Calendar an amazing piece of HOROLOGY, but I INSISTED he bought a watch winder or I would not sell him this piece. Why? This outstanding dress watch, was not a daily wearer BUT a piece of Haute Horologerie and trying to reset the dates every few weeks/months would border on a nightmare.
He must have a watch winder.

After research he bought from BARRINGTON.
This was his testimony to me
" I've had a company that have been very good to me called 'Barrington Watch Winders' based in U.K the product quality and customer care has been second to none."

You can find them here, based in UK and USA:
www. barringtonwatchwinders . com/watch-winders

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