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That watch is amazing. I especially like how the moon 'glows' at night with the rest of the numbers.

BTW, how often does the moon have to be synched up with the lunar calendar? Or is it continous?

Great is continuous and works off of the 29.5 day scale. The Moonphase changes around 8:15pm. Not sure how long the 29.5 day scales work, but should eb afew years before an adjustment is needed.

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I put this in the General forums thread, but thought I'd post here too..

I'm currently syncing my Breitling moon-phase to the lunar calendar now..

I'm using my wall atomic clock, which also has a moon-phase. It's currently at 5/6th of a full moon. On the day (and hopefully exact time) the atomic clock shows the full moon (which will be tomorrow at 8:35am EST) I'll advance my watches moon-phase to the first click of the full moon. From there it should be in-sync until the leap year (unfortunately, that's next month ).

You can also use any internet site which gives you the full moon data. A favorite of mine (and easy to use) is the US Navy Observatory's ( ) Of course I'm new to moonphases, so there's may be an easier way....

Oh, and Scott - you'll probably need to adjust it on the March full moon (March 25th) as it'll be out of sync a day due to the leap year this year. After that though, you won't need to sync it until the next leap year. Of course, if you don't re-sync it, you'll just be off 1 day....
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