Ball Call Cumulus

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Well...just puilled the trigger on a BC Cumulus pre-order...I really thought I was going for a Lum Tec, but found "Stolas"...I think I made the right choice...

Anyway I can't wait to get it and I'll be seeing you around here...

Also, does anyone have a line on a blue leather "croc" strap...I'm thinking it would make a nice second strap for this model.

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Enjoying the thread

Hey wingnut and Patricksf I think we are all going through the same mind set here. I have a M53 bronzo lum tec on pre order, but the release date plus the lack of eta timing, and sandwich dial had brought me to the warthog+. I'm thinking I could do another lum tec model on demo and a warthog and come out with a similar price. I do love the bronze and see through case back of the lum tec though. I'm a little disappointed the didnt do the sandwich dial on the lum tec, surprising they didn't.
Patrick, you are making a lot of sense! I like the way you think! I recently bought a Tourneau TNY, which was designed by old panerai designers, and that has sandwich dials and eta timing so I do have that going for me, which is nice.
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