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Well...just puilled the trigger on a BC Cumulus pre-order...I really thought I was going for a Lum Tec, but found "Stolas"...I think I made the right choice...

Anyway I can't wait to get it and I'll be seeing you around here...

Also, does anyone have a line on a blue leather "croc" strap...I'm thinking it would make a nice second strap for this model.

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Hey Wingnut, saw your previous posting in the Lum-Tec forum, hope the BallCall treats you well. I'm on the fence about pre-ordering a Warthog + myself. These sandwich dials certainly look like they could be very interesting, and the line as a whole a very good value watch. I'm hoping there is some more info/pictures in the near future!!
All good reasons. Blue is not quite as versatile in my opinion, but for those that like it, its hard to beat! I don't mind the Pelican actually, I think it looks good on that model. The Warthog + fills a few things I've been looking for hopefully. A daily wearer that is black, with a clearly legible dial at night, automatic, and under 1K. I was considering one of the B Combats from Lum-tec as my next purchase (other then the M53 of theirs that I already have on pre-order) but this Warthog Sandwich dial and bezel is actually more appealing to me. Now if the side view and movement questions I still have are all good, then I'm in!

Lum-Tec actually made 2 sandwich dial watches (the M61 and M62) that were the WTF edition watches. they are all sold out already though.

My understanding is that there will be more of that style of dial to come in the 2013 line.
I am thinking of ordering one of these too, since blue is my favorite color.
A question is it 24MM lugs, and is the blue illuminating, like the other watches.
If it does I would really like to see a picture of that?
I'm 99% sure the lugs are 24 mm, but not sure if the Lum is blue or not, Curtis would have to answer that.

Nice to see another Lum-Tec owner looking to branch out with a Stolas :biggrin:

I've read every review I could find on the harbormaster series, and it was all very positive. These BallCall watches remind me of Lum-Tec's second gen offerings in a way. With every new year, the designs get a little more refined, better details, etc.

nice to find another 1K range watch that feels at home next to other more expensive pieces from the big brands.

Yet the 12 & 6 seem to be more the correct color when lumed up, strange.
I'm sure there is no rule about this, but in my experience dials that are using a white uncharged superluminova usually glow Blue (See Oris watches for an example).


Now I am really curious as to what it will look like lumed up because it won't look exactly like either of those colors.
I hear you. I'm curious to see some lume shots as well on the Enigma model. Could be blue or green...
I think a few of the Lum-Tec faithful have found their way to the Stolas BallCall's now.

Granted Lum-Tec has quite a few more lines out then Stolas at this point, but I do like the philosophy that Curtis seems to have about keeping certain things in regards to the designs consistent to create more of a brand identity. LT has several case designs, several dial styles, several font types, etc. that make for a very wide selection and caters to many tastes. But it does make it so that you probably can't see an LT at a glance and know that its an LT.

As for the post in the Lum-Tec forum about service, I don't think that member was trying to suggest that Stolas' customer service was bad or anything, only that part of LT's selling point was their CS, and it is in fact very good.
Hey wingnut and Patricksf I think we are all going through the same mind set here. I have a M53 bronzo lum tec on pre order, but the release date plus the lack of eta timing, and sandwich dial had brought me to the warthog+. I'm thinking I could do another lum tec model on demo and a warthog and come out with a similar price. I do love the bronze and see through case back of the lum tec though. I'm a little disappointed the didnt do the sandwich dial on the lum tec, surprising they didn't.

I hear you Vinny. I think it is in the Cobalt Chromium thread that Chris mentions those will be a sandwich dial, and the two WTF LE watches had them too, so not sure how decided to go with the applied dial on the M53/M54 since its a new model. I fell in love with sandwich dials with Panerai, but even they don't make all their models with that design, so LT seems to be picking and choosing some models with which to use that particular feature.

I decided to stick with my M53 pre-order because of the bronze case look. Only other Bronzo I really like is the Panerai (don't wanna spend the $$$ on that model), and I have a soft spot for the Anonimo bronze models, but didn't find one that I felt I could live with. So to not 'dirty' up all my new watch dials, I went with the Enigma. I really liked the contrast white on black with that one, and a power reserve movement gives me a little more flexibility in which watches get in the winder :biggrin:

I picked up an m42 in the demo sale too, love this thing... I say keep the M53 on pre-order, and snag a BallCall in a color combo that you don't already have. They all have the same case design and sandwich dial... hard to go wrong.
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