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Well, I got an Invicta 1002 Pro Diver Automatic watch several months ago... I really liked it and only wore it on special occasions and not as an every day watch... had an issue with the bezel being hard to rotate, but I adjusted it and it worked fine.

I put in on one morning and noticed that there was "chip" on the outer edge of the crystal at the 10 position... not happy !

I'm pretty sure this could have been prevented if the design of the watch had a recessed crystal instead of a raised crystal so that the rotating bezel would protect the edge of the crystal... I never had this happen on any other watch.

Maybe its just a poor quality mineral material ?

I may get it repaired, but that would probably cost almost as much as the watch, but I would be afraid to wear it again knowing the damage would happen again.

Do all Invicta watches have this design flaw ?

How would you know if they do or do not have a recessed crystal, unless the specs actually would say so ? I don't think they do, do they ?
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