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I just recently purchased two new watches and I am already negotiating trades with them. It hasn鈥檛 even been 2 weeks since I was in the AD purchasing them and now I am getting ready to say goodbye. :eek:hmy:

So I am wondering, what is the average time you spend with a watch?

For me it seems to range between a few months and a few weeks.

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I don't sell or trade my watches. I've had one for more than thirty years.

I have given some watches that I bought for myself away as gifts, but that's rare.

I don't really have an accurate average, but once I've gotten one, it's likely to stay with me until lost or stolen, or rarely, given away.

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No definate answer from me .
I've had one for over 30 years,some have only lasted a few months,and everywhere in between.
Nothing as short as 2 weeks though!!:scared:

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Thanks guys..:blushing:

But let me caveat by saying that I've probably given or tossed just as many Pulsars, off brands, and clearance table watches that I have received, or purchased over the years too.

So, for me, it really depends on the watch if it's a "keeper" or not..

And sometimes you have no control..

In the early 90's a house break-in took a box full of Rolexes and Omegas that I foolishly left in a "display" box on the coffee table..

Sometimes pride can be a real bummer...


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For me it is a constant rotation. I have two I will never let go, but the rest are always negotiable.
Im with you on that, as soon as I buy a new one another one catches my eye and the cycle continues. I might need to talk to someone about this destructive cycle :001_unsure::001_smile:
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