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I'm currently sick as a dog with flu and my brain is in shut-down mode so any attempts at artistic images are not going to happen for a good few days. I do know that many of you like more simple images, however; ones that just show the watch exactly as it is, "in the raw", so to speak. Being as that's all I can manage you may have your wish!!
I have to say I got lucky with this strap. Others may prefer a brown stitched strap of some description but for me, on a chronograph with a relatively complex and busy dial the less detail on the strap the better. In 2009 my friend, Shane Delaurian, made me this superb strap but the watch I bought it for was sold quite quickly after I received it so it was basically unworn. Just for once I was smart enough to keep it and boy am I glad I did because for me it works brilliantly with the chunky case of the Autavia GMT. Knowing me, it will probably spend most of it's life on the bracelet, as I've been lucky enough to source a correct NOS one which will land with me next week. Right, I'm now off to sneeze at something.

Heuer Autavia GMT 11630 On Delaurian Leather « thirtyfivemill

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