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Atlanta GTG / 19 Mar 11 - Mini Report

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Published on 03-21-2011 04:52 PM

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Big thanks goes to ScottD & gaopa for setting up this little Atlanta GTG.

I live south of Atlanta and the GTG was on the north side. I left about an hour before it started which gave me a 15 minute buffer for a 45 minute trip.

Well, hello traffic jam and the cause for the 10 mph for the last 10 miles:

Car Land vehicle Vehicle Motor vehicle Infrastructure

Car Land vehicle Vehicle Sky Tire

5 miles later, the southbound lanes were STILL in a mess

Tire Wheel Car Sky Motor vehicle

Finally getting up some steam and space between vehicles

Car Wheel Land vehicle Sky Tire

We have those electronic traffic warning signs and this one basically said "You're hosed if you go this way", so I had to go another route

Sky Daytime Motor vehicle Vehicle Road surface

Looked down at my watch and see that I'm.....late. So much for my 15 minute buffer.

Watch Analog watch Gesture Clock Font

Keeping up with the traffic

Speedometer Odometer Trip computer Tachometer Car

I finally get to the restaurant and ended meeting ScottD in the parking lot as he was walking in, too.

Here's the the GTG location and it's alot bigger than what it looks like from the outside. Great choice, Scott!

Plant Sky Daytime Tree Architecture

Here's Bill (gaopa) and Scott (ScottD)

Smile Shirt Plant Leisure Drink

Scott's collection. That custom M auto LUM-TEC is sweet.

Watch Motor vehicle Analog watch Gauge Hood

Mine and part of Bill's collection

Automotive tire Automotive wheel system Rim Watch Fashion accessory

Bill (gaopa), Fr.John (jmsrolls) and Richard

Smile Mammal Social group Community Fun

Fr.John and his collection

Smile Human Eyewear Fun T-shirt

Watch Analog watch Silver Watch accessory Material property

Watch Analog watch Clock Watch accessory Material property

Bill snapped a pic of me showing off my LUM-TEC M8

Watch Dress shirt Sleeve Collar Smile

We also had guys from the WUS forums join us and here's Mike (Mize) with Scott

Glasses Tableware Smile Table Hat

Grabbed a cold one when I got home.

Watch Bottle Liquid Drinkware Sleeve

This was my first GTG and though it was great to talk about watches, it was even better to meet the people behind the screennames.

Thanks again, Scott & Bill !!!

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