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I have one of the Artelier Complication models and I like it very much. I think it's the best looking watch Oris makes, but that's just my opinion. Everything works just fine and it runs about 10 seconds fast a day so in the morning I just pull out the crown and wait until it is correct and push it back in to set it. Very easy. I think moonphase watches look good. Do you have any specific questions about the watch? Hal

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Hey Bosco,

A huge selection in the Artelier lineup all with multi piece cases.

Everything from a 18k rosegold handwind model to the 3 hander with date including a chrono, worldtimer, skeleton, day pointer, date pointer and the complication to which your asking about.:biggrin:

The Comp uses a ORIS developed cal. 581 which is based on an ETA2688 ebauche.

40mm case with a domed sapphire crystal.

You can get it in a lot of different dial and straps/bracelet combos.

Downsides would be the 30m water resistance with lack of a screwdown crown, hard to set as all complicated models are, and the uncommon 21mm lug with that has you looking for hard to find 21mm straps or squeezing 22mm ones to fit.:crying:

All the people i know say they are good time keepers and i have heard nothing but love for them from owners who seem to get lots of compliments on their Arteliers :001_wub:
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