Are you a square or rectangular guy?

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I am mostly partial to round watches, but I have to say this new IWC DaVinci Chrono has caught my eye. It is stunning when you see it in the raw. It is a new IWC in-house movement with a double Pellaton winding system and a unique watch within a watch chono sub dial. The totalizer can be used as a UTC watch, but obviously you can set it only twice per day.


IWC Publicity Photo, not mine

It wears large on the wrist, but it is not overpowering. Its tonneau shape makes it fit to the arm almost perfectly.

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I'm partial to both square and rectangle styles. I think they look better on my wrist. Are dressier, too. And round cases are so, well, common (lol). That said, I can't see myself with a square or rectangle sports watch.
Neither. I prefer round cases, and do not see myself owning a square or rectangle.
Neither. I prefer round cases, and do not see myself owning a square or rectangle.
Careful, I said the same thing a year ago and now own 3!!! :eek:hmy: :thumbup1:
While I'm normally a round guy too, I have grown to like the squares - especially for dress watches. I love the Da Vinci and while it's not a true square case, it's quite perfect on the wrist from all I've seen. I'm looking forward to hopefully seeing one in the flesh soon.... In fact, I'm trying to find a nice dress watch to get in the next year or so & most of them on the list are square or rectangle shaped.
There's something very elegant - or formal - about a rectangular case.
That said, my IWC Portofino (round) is one of the most sophisticated, yet understated watches I own. Love it.
Compliments the tie very well.:thumbup:

Never say never...:lol:
Compliments the tie very well.:thumbup:

Never say never...:lol:
Unless you're ready to admit you're wrong because about the time you say you won't do it, you end up doing it! :blush:
I actually prefer a rectangular shape. But I think Tonneau is the word for me. Because I am rather square-faced, I try to avoid 'edgy' accessories that will accentuate my jawline HAHAHA.

Of course, it really depends on the whole package of the watch, not just the shape.
i am also a fan of the round shapes, and i do own 1 rectangle dress watch(seiko) but that iwc da vinci is AWESOME.... i just started seeing ads for it back in november and thought, wow!

thanks for showing it on the wrist as i have not seen any of those pics.

if i had the $$$ to buy one watch in that price range, the da vinci would be in my top 5 choices.
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