Are you a fashionista?

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There was a time when I was new to all this that I would not be too keen on having a watch that was discontinued. Sounds silly, doesn't it? Makes me out to be a fashionista or something like that. Not anymore I hasten to add.

It seems that's what they do in Japan where you see many discontinued models being offered on that place by the sea. One can therefore pick up relative bargains or used to as it appears.

Are you fashion conscious? Would you be ready to trade up an old model for something new or do you keep a watch for love? ;)

Let's talk pals :thumbup:

Y'all be well now :001_smile:

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Aren't fashionistas those people that serve up the coffee at Starbucks???

I proudly wear a brown belt with black shoes and any watch strap I want.

Love is all there is.:thumbup1:
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