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Aquaracer 500M the Review

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Published on 06-02-2010 03:36 PM

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wilfreb's review of the TAG Heuer Aquaracer 500M

Since the first moment i saw this timepiece i knew i had to get it, i'm a huge fan of diver watches, but just a few owns the attributes to fill my expectations, well, this one did at first site.

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CASE: the first good thing about this piece is the size, at 43mm it looks nice on every wrist and a nice dimentions for todays likings.

i'm impressed by the finish and the details of this timepiece, its all brushed finish give it an even more robust look and feel, it is extremely well executed all around.

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The crown is the best i've ever used, very grabby and big enough to do its work just fine.

It also have the automatic helium escape valve on the left side, just like my Seamaster, but the Aquaracer's one is ever better finished and have a nice design demostrating the attention to detail this timepiece posseses.

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One of the main things i loved about this watch was that even at 500m it has a transparent sapphire caseback, showing the nicely decorated movement.

its the same movt that the one on my Oris diver, but the calibre 5 seems to be of a higher quality, the materials and finishings seems superior, at least it seems that way, i'm not a movement expert, this is what i can see with the naked eye.

some Diver watch aficionados dislike the transparent casebacks cuz it takes away some robustness to the timepiece, but for me, been able to see the movement on a watch is priceless, i just wish my Daytona and my Seamaster had transparent casebacks.

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Te movement is the Sellita SW200, designed based on the ETA 2824, its a reliable quality movement from a well established watchmaker, then its taken to Tag Heuer workshops to pass the quality tests and precision standards established by Tag itself and then to be reworked and highly decorated to become the TagHeuer Calibre 5 movement.

my watch its very accurate running +1 sec/day for a week.

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BEZEL: when it first came out, we were waiting for a ceramic bezel, just like Rolex, now Oris and soon Omega, but the spirit of TagHeuer is revolutionary, so they came with this unsuspected rubberized bezel with the brushed big numbers.

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they also redesigned the iconic-to-tag 5 studs for better grab.

this bezel is a looker, and also works flawlessly, very easy to grab and turn, easy to read and the best of all, like nothing you have ever seen before.

the material feels nice, and the linear texture to match the handsome dial of the watch adds a nicer touch to it.

its the best bezel i've owned, Tag said it was developed with professional divers, for what i can see, it truly was.

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some top brands are also following TagHeuer's footsteps, at Basel 2010 Breitling just released its new SuperOcean watch with the same material of on bezel.

i had some questions regarding the durability of this new bezel material, but our good friend David at Calibre11 posted a report that shows the quality and durability test that these timepieces has to pass, you can read it here TAG Heuer HQ Visit- Day One | Calibre 11

i really think that the aluminium painted bezels are obsolete, IMO, the bezel on my Oris and my Seamaster are easy to scratch, the one on the Aquaracer is scratch-proof and thats important to me, Omega needs to release its LiquidMetal bezel soon.


i have always loved the bracelet of the Aquaracers and this one is not exception.

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its all brushed finish and raised center links give it a even more robust look, its very confortable and really a looker, also goes very well with the rest of the watch.

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i'm impressed my the amount of detailing and attention to detail that Tag went into designing this awesome watch, you really have to hold on in your hands to see what i'm talking about, the finishings are superbly done, all the curves and small details are executed to perfection .

Silver Body jewelry Font Jewellery Metal

the clasp its a nice push buttons, very easy to use yet comfortable one, not in the same way on my Seamaster [thats the best one] but still a very nice one, it also includes the diver extension.

LUME: a very important aspect for a diver timepiece, i never though i could own a watch that rivals the awesome lume on my Seamaster 2254, well, this Aquaracer has seiko-level lume.

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it has applied big markers filled with white SuperLuminova, its being used by Rolex on its new Submariner and DeepSea, and the black Seamaster Bond, it is not as bright as the green one, but this one looks better and still is very bright.

DIAL: the most exciting part on this timepiece. it is without any doubt the most detailed, beautiful and best designed par of the whole timepiece.

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the linear finish, matching the lines on the bezel are awesome, and when looking at it shows the nice detailing and well balanced the design of this timepiece is.

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the big markers, the orange seconds hands and the orange writing give this dial a nice sport look.

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i first felt in love with the internal antiReflecting coating on the crystal when i got my Seamaster 2254, i was blown away by the clean looks it gives to the dial of the watch.

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and when you have a dial with this amount of attention to detail like on the Aquaracer, the ARcoating is a must. sometimes i thing the crystal isnt there, revealing the awesome work on this dial.

the cyclops is a love it or hate it thing, i personally love it, this cyclops is not as raised as the one on the Submarines, it has a very low profile still a strong magnifying power and the fact that its located at the 9:00 position gives it even more originality, something that i personally appreciate.

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i'm really impressed by the amount of work TagHeuer put into the development of this watch, it was an extraordinary effort for making a descent professional divers watch that only holding one on your own hands can be appreciated, the attention to detail and fit and finish of this Aquaracer are superb.

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It won the prestigious RedDot award in 2009 for the best design in the watches categories, and it truly deserved it
red dot online: Watches

if you ask me, well this watch is a real tool watch manufactured with a purpose, to be a true professional divers watch.

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please comment.

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