Anybody own a Joshua and Sons watch?

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Hey everyone,
i just got these watches in, anybody interested?
also please tell me your opinion of the Joshua and Sons watches in general. is it worth developing a relationship with them?

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Interesting designs and down-right cheap. A bit too sporty for me. And probably Chinese made/movements, which doesn't inspire confidence in me.
I would not buy one. But that's more a matter of my taste - a comment on the sporty style - more than anything else.
Hope this helps in your decision. Best of luck either way! I appreciate your sponsorship.
They look nice; but, I do not know much of the brand.
They look a bit like Jacob and Co. watches.
Saw one at TJ MAX...Huge watch. For the $$$ not bad looking but not for me.
I have 4 of these watches. Two are automatics and the movement, weight, design, and quality are all top grade. I compare them to my Citizens. Dollar for dollar, a better buy and I'm mad because the retailer that sold them is one that fell due to the money crunch.
I click on the link and nothing comes up?
I click on the link and nothing comes up?
Yep, this is an old thread revived for some reason. :confused1:
Yep, this is an old thread revived for some reason. :confused1:
true, I didn't realize it was posted back in 2007
I have looked at a few online, never in person, they appear to be decent. Probally not something I would purchase though.
I almost bought one two weeks ago @ T.J Max but did'nt because it was quartz and I was looking for an automatic.
I just bought this large watch and it think for the money it is worth it.. I paid $79.99 at TJMAXX

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1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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