Anybody onw a 9094 ?

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Just got mine. The dial and bezel look more purple than blue. I really wanted a nice blue, like the Omega Bond Seamaster (sold mine a month ago). Think I got a mutant ? Thinking of sending it back, but they might all be like this.
BTW, tried to take pictures with my phone but they don't look good. Will try with a real camera later.
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I have one - about -2-3 weeks..

I know what you're saying about the color. It is definitely more of a deep purple than blue.

My blue "Python" by Invicta is the same.

I also hear you on the size.

So I picked up a black 0420 that had the size I wanted and looks more like the scale of a typical dive watch.

All of that said, I am warming up more and more to the 9094.

The weight and quality of the watch are really superb. Any smaller I wouldn't be too thrilled, but it still has a legitimate size against my wrist.

The bezel is much better than the larger unit - the larger 0420 has a coin edge and the mechanism feels 'cheap' and the ratcheting noise is horrible. Like the 0420, the 9094 bezel smooths out but both have to be broken in. Once this happens though, the 9094 bezel feels and sounds much nicer than the larger watch.
The Python Bezel blows both away though.

So I am finding I am wearing the smaller 9094 more than the 0420 or Python - for its size, it's just a very nice, well made little tank!

Was almost tempted to return the 0420, but that also has some advantages. Ignoring the bezel, the make of the watch is beautiful - plus it's Titanium, so will be lighter and cooler for the hot months coming up this summer. Also, I still like the larger size effect. So I ended up making enough room in my collection for both models!
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