Anybody onw a 9094 ?

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Just got mine. The dial and bezel look more purple than blue. I really wanted a nice blue, like the Omega Bond Seamaster (sold mine a month ago). Think I got a mutant ? Thinking of sending it back, but they might all be like this.
BTW, tried to take pictures with my phone but they don't look good. Will try with a real camera later.
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You are correct, the Blue has Purple in it, and they are all like that.

The same as seen on an Invicta is the 3045 Grand Diver.
Sun Ray Dial.

Try wearing it a few days, see if it grows on you.

Unless yours is way off from the photos.

Are the Bezel & Dial, the same shade, or do you see a big difference?


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Just an FYI.

Invicta Grand Divers are.....
47mm Diameter of the Bezel.
52mm From far side of Bezel, to the Top of the Crown.

47mm Blue: 13859
38mm Blue: 13862

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