Anybody onw a 9094 ?

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Just got mine. The dial and bezel look more purple than blue. I really wanted a nice blue, like the Omega Bond Seamaster (sold mine a month ago). Think I got a mutant ? Thinking of sending it back, but they might all be like this.
BTW, tried to take pictures with my phone but they don't look good. Will try with a real camera later.
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You had to throw that picture of the Bond in there, didn't you :cursing:

Yes, dial and bezel match. I'll probably end up keeping it, since I can't find anything else (blue dial/bezel) that I like for the price or close to it.
I'm sending it back. Not only is the color too purple, but the description said it has a 42mm case, when in reality it's 40mm. Had it been a true blue color and/or 42mm, I would probably have kept it. Live and learn.
47mm Blue: 13859
38mm Blue: 13862

Nice, it's actually blue. Too bad my perfect size is right in between 38 & 47 :glare:
1 - 4 of 10 Posts
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