Any recommendations???

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Looking for a Invicta Women's Mini Diver in two tone or Speedway Anatomic Chrono in Magenta for my girlfriend for Christmas. Shop NBC has the Speedway (not sure what she'll think about the chrono), but they are all out of the mini divers. Any advice on another good place to buy, or any idea's of another nice woman invicta watch under $200?

Any input would be appreciated. Christmas is creeping up fast and of course I waited til the last minute :scared:
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My girlfriend liked the Lady Lupah Copperhead.:001_wub:
Of course, this is quite a different look than a Diver or Speedway.
I did find some 2-tone women divers at our sponsors, for way under $200. I would start the search over there... :thumbup1: You find them on top of the Invicta forum page...

And welcome to the forum BTW. If you have any questions about model numbers, movements,... Just ask. We'll be happy to help out...
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