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Vintage Swiss Made perhaps 60's?
I searched for hours any info about the flica company and found nothing. The
watch is beautiful condition the band shows almost no wear must have been put away for quite some time. Also looks to have french writing on it. Any info would be appreciated I love collecting and this is a weird one I took some pictures hope they help.
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NICE watch!
Sadly, I don't even know if FLICA made the movement, or it was purchased from a manufacture. The language is French because that's one of the 4 official Swiss languages (the others being Romansch, Greman, and Italian).
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I can tell you that the name "Flica" was trademarked by a "Salomon Bendayas Benelbas" here in Montreal, Canada in 1968 under jewelry / watches; "Based on SALOMON BENDAYAN BENELBAS, the FLICA trademark is used in the following business: Watches and parts therefor. , Watch bands, watch bracelets, cuff-links, ladies' bracelets, bracelets, necklaces and bracelet chains. , Various articles of jewelry, and articles of personal adornment, and jewelry cases." Previous to that, it was registered in 1952 in Tangiers, Morocco under the same headings.

The Bendayan family still own the trademarked name and in fact still operate the business as "Flica Inc." in Montreal with Salomon's son 'Jacob' heading the company. They claim to be in the 'fine jewelry business'.

As for the movement, I could not find any evidence that 'Flica' produced their own movements so from that I would assume that they bought movements from suppliers. I cant tell from your photos but there appears to be a symbol underneath the balance wheel that will probably identify the movement maker.
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