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Hello guys
iam new to the forums and i would like to say hello for everybody here :).
I need some info about an antique pocket watch that i have, its from the 1800's dnt knw when exactly was it made tho it belonged to my great great grandfather.
Its a gold 18k pocket watch, has a serial number on the envelope which is 2ce9656, won four grand prix prizes two in paris, one in millan and one in bruxelle.
I would like to put this little baby in the market for sale but i have to knw first if its worth sending to the mother company for restoring or not. Plz let me knw asap i really need this information. And sry for not posting any pics but i dnt knw how but if u wanna c it just send me ur email and i would be more than happy to send u the pics :)...thx a lot guys

I posted some pictures and i really hope they can help


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