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This thread made me wonder where I had placed MY other P/Ws. And last night I found them. Since this started with a Waltham...
Watch Analog watch Clock Watch accessory Quartz clock

Watch Automotive tire Rim Gear Font

Gauge Measuring instrument Clock Gas Font
Body jewelry Gold Silver Circle Jewellery
Tea strainer Metal Circle Nickel Tin

I wasn't expecting a hinged movement cover!

Finally, my beloved Hamilton, inherited from my Grand-dad. Sorry, no movement pic. I suspect my cousin was looking inside before passing it on to my address...the bloody case is cross-threaded!
I'll have to have my watch guy see if he can get the two pieces unscrewed (sigh...).
Clock Measuring instrument Gauge Font Gas

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Some nice pocket watches you guys.
Since we are on Waltham watches how about another one.

18s Waltham Ca.1895 Crescent street Model 1883. 17 jewels. With some really cool damaskeening on the plates.
I think the Model 1883 Walthams had more damaskeening patterns than you can shake a stick at. I have seen all kinds of different patterns. Amazing for the time.
Also this one has a faceted crystal on it. Alittle something extra fancy.

Watch Analog watch Silver Clock Font

Automotive tire Automotive lighting Hood Rim Headlamp

Automotive tire Circle Electric blue Tread Metal

Watch Clock Analog watch Circle Electric blue
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