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I've been off the forum for awhile but wanted to share my most recent CS experience with Lum-Tec. I own several Lum-Tec watches and finally purchased a used Super Combat B3 over a year ago. I love it. It's a great watch. Shortly after I bought it, I had to send it in to Lum-Tec for a minor issue and they made the repair and invoiced me. Around March, I wound it and it stopped working. I mailed the watch to Lum-Tec for service. Then the COVID hit and they were unable to work, so my watch sat awaiting repair. I emailed them and they replied saying they had received it but were unable to work. That's all I wanted to know, that they received it and it wasn't lost in transit. Long story short, after about 2 months, I received a notification the watch was on it's way. I emailed and asked what I owed them and they said, "No charge." Wow. Their CS transcends industries; this isn't just a company with outstanding watch CS, they have outstanding CS, period. It's like buying a car, you're really buying the service department, not so much the showroom experience. I just wanted to publicly share my story and say thank you to Nicole. Looking forward to what future models they roll out.
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