Another Invicta on the Way!

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Being that I'm so impressed with the 4469. I've gave Invicta another shout for my next watch as well. Well, I also have an aussie coming tomorrow I believe. Anyway, I saw that Slop had their 500m divers on clearance, which they have had that way a while. Problem was, they only had yellow or cream to choose from. I saw today where they had 1 brown, so I snagged it. With 15% off and free shipping, I got it for $75 bucks shipped. Looking forward to it although I've heard things about the strap, may go watchadoo on it!

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That's a nice one Nick...looks alot like the Zeno....I've seen some guys put a polished watchadoo bracelet on it and boy really changes the look. Congrats and enjoy
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