Another Invicta on the Way!

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Being that I'm so impressed with the 4469. I've gave Invicta another shout for my next watch as well. Well, I also have an aussie coming tomorrow I believe. Anyway, I saw that Slop had their 500m divers on clearance, which they have had that way a while. Problem was, they only had yellow or cream to choose from. I saw today where they had 1 brown, so I snagged it. With 15% off and free shipping, I got it for $75 bucks shipped. Looking forward to it although I've heard things about the strap, may go watchadoo on it!

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Good job, Nick. $75 is a steal. How many value pays? :laugh: (I actually took 2 on mine but paid a little more)

That brown could be interesting.

Lug width is indeed 24mm.

Original strap I think is quite nice and has quick change pins, something I wish all bands had BUT it is just not right on that watch. Too light in weight and that watch needs something to balance it both in looks and weight. Mine wears much better on the 'Doo while the leather strap had to be extra tight or it would flop all around. Maybe a heavier leather would be OK but a dive watch calls for metal or rubber IMHO. BTW, I had mine on a heavy rubber strap for a while and it was much better and looked good. Sorry, no pics but it was the same as this one.

Enjoy and lets see some pics!!!!!

BTW, good choice on that Aussie Diver too.

BTW, good choice on that Aussie Diver too.
I agree you are gonna love that Aussie!!!
300m WR workhorse movement and outstanding MOP dial!!! A very nice piece!!!
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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