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Welcome back! Of those individuals you mentioned only Tony is still somewhat active here but the rest of us would love to see an update with some new photos!
Thank you mikeyt_53!

Apology if I have been inactive for many years. Busy workload, business travel, kid going to college and graduating, and now going into retirement soon, I guess. At any rate, it’s nice to be back. This was the first forum that I joined for a watch community wherein I use PC, photobucket to login, visit and post pics. :). And I really enjoyed my time here even for a short while.

But going back, yes 10 years have indeed passed. A lot older now and hopefully smarter but more than anything else, my taste for watches have changed quite a bit.

The 5205g was long gone - April 2014 to be exact. The love for said watch was lost along the way as I ventured into other brands and complication - Rolex in particular and Perpetual Calendar Patek for that matter. I also found the 5205g to be too tall sitting on my wrist. And the annual calendar lost its novelty compared to a perpetual or other more practical complication.

Luckily the 5711 survived during those times, and I will share my thought on that piece in the other post of mine.

Do I miss my 5205g, or you may ask? Honestly no. And as I looked back, there’s a sense of regret not choosing the 5726a which appeared to be more practical timepiece for casual wear. But as they say, this is a journey where people learned and move on. And I have certainly moved on from the 5205g.

Stay in touch!
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