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Are you you prepared for some shots of the newest addition to Lime's collection?

Need to edit some pics, had to log on to see site size limits, give me a few minutes. . . . . .

OK, I'm back - The Miyota 8205 on display

This thing is ORANGE

First impression is that its rough, the workmanship seems like is was shipped to me without being through the last 2 finishing operations? I mean I'm a toolmaker and I'm positive I can achieve the finishes shown here, doesn't seem like jewelery?

ain't had a chance to evaluate the lumination, but heck - it's something different and it's freak'in orange, the rubber strap seems chunky. . . . .guess my heart is into the more elegant classical simple style?

with that said - I like it - it's got a rough unfinished feel about it. And the price was cheap around $140 shipped.


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