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I was pleasantly surpised to find my RedSea Six Pounder PVD arrived a day sooner than I had expected. Perfect! I can wear it for my little road trip tomorrow. :)

First I'll run through some thoughts, then I'll drop in the pics...

The guys at RedSea rock. Plain and simple. Josh responded quickly to my enquiries and after a quick chat, happily agreed to my request to pick a number from the production run. Given I try to do this with any limited editions I buy, I was super pleased when my request for "the lowest number possible" netted me # 02/75! While I realize it doesn't make a hill of beans difference, I really appreciate when a company is willing to work with me - hence my affinity for boutique brands. :D

The packaging felt familiar as I'd just watched another RedSea owner's unwrapping video. Nice touches include the two-watch travel case the Six Pounder arrives in and the three straps as standard equipment - the PVD metal bracelet, a black rubber strap and a black Nato band. The Nato band has an extra set of pins/mounting bars to make mounting the Nato easier.

The first thing I noticed was the bezel markings. I was expecting white, yet they are a very refined tan color. Looks fantastic on the predominantly black watch. I LOVE this look. The minute hand is an anodized red color, while the hour hand is slightly more orange, and anodized - very cool look. I also appreciate the "dot" at the end of the second hand, which is lumed, as you can see in the shots below.

The bezel is tight and rotates well, the strap is comfy and the clasp smooth and firm.

I was expecting the watch to be higher polished than it is. I prefer this somewhat flat-ish look from the PVD coating much better.

At 44mm, this watch was on the limit of how small I usually go. I needn't have worried - it fits brilliantly, is comfortable and very well balanced on the arm. The watch is a quality piece all 'round. Easily worth the money.

Now, the lume. The lume... ah, the lume...

If it's not a letter on the watch, it's lumed! I LOVE IT! The hashes, dots and numbers on the bezel - all lumed. The dots, squares and hashes marking the hours - all lumed. The dots on the hour, minute and second hands - all lumed. Its quite the light show! And its all blue - very cool. :D

Very happy I added this little gem to the collection! Thanks RedSea!

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