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I just find an interesting watch apps! Using few $ to enjoy the luxury watches :cool1:

Google Play: "Time Apps" Photograph White Light Black Font

“ Time is your memory ! Enjoy it ! ”
Just enjoy the luxury watches in our app !
Time Apps provide you an enjoyable moment with Time / Watches / Alarm / Memorial / Lock screen function for your mobile.

Main Function:
- Watch Store - Each watch have different function – Chrono / Date / Day / Battery Indicator / Crazy Time
( Join our member, search the funny time )
- Special Day – Save your memorial ( Eg, Happy Event / Sad Event ) , we will remind you annually
- Alarm – Alarm clock : Remind yourself
- Widget – 3 sizes
- Lock Screen Widget Mode

We will update our model monthly. “ Time is your memory! Enjoy it ! ”

Watch Analog watch Rectangle Azure Blue


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Ya know, this is probably spam...... but it's the best dam spam I've seen in all my years of moderating. Normal spam would be nuked so fast it wouldn't have time to even spark, but I'm gonna let this stay unless somebody has an issue.

Guess there's a first time for everything, eh?

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(As a matter of principle) I'm not comfortable with that direct link but I don't see the post in general as being totally inappropriate.
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