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I happened to catch a few minutes of a networks show on a new watch line, 32 Degrees, last evening. I have never heard of this brand but I doubt many have heard of many watch companies unless you are a WIS.

At any rate, the owner came out and flatly stated he uses Seagull works. He then went on to describe the various grades in Chinese watches, going from B - AAA, with the latter being the best. He also talked about the Chinese ebache movements made for Swiss companies. As the Swiss companies either provide the parts or assemble parts of them, they get to meet the Swiss Made standard.

I have to respect a vendor who comes right out and states " I use these parts" or " they are made in ....." and stands behind his product. No games about " best factories", or "best products". He even has some watches for $179.00 with 5 piece cases. Now why can he sell them for that price and companies like Renato are selling them for 3 times or more? His cases looked well made also.

I would not own one myself but I had my daughter purchase 10 of them as gifts for my staff. Perhaps they might be on time now. My point is, what a difference from the norm on TV networks.:thumbup1:
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