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Well, size, more than color.

A week or so ago, my brother-in-law emailed me that he'd bought an old Elgin pocket watch on a site he'd probably prefer I not advertize, for $11. He was sending it to me 'To see what I could make of it.'

I thought, "Aw, geez. $11? Probably a worn out rustbucket with a broken staff, rusty hairspring, and frozen keyless works." Well, imagine my surprise when it arrived, and it turned out to be in fairly good condition!

These pics are actually post-cleaning, but clearly the engraving is still sharp and I see no brassing on the high points. The case is actually screw back and bezel, which surprised me since I didn't know they did that with 12s cases. Once I got the back off (managing not to screw it up TOO badly!), I found the movement to be much better than I'd expected. The balance was intact, no visible rust on the parts, and when I pushed on the center wheel, the balance took off running!

I went ahead and cleaned it, and reassembled it, and it runs!

It needs a new mainspring and crystal, and I think also the balance is not quite true in the flat. I see a touch of wobble viewing it from the side, and a 'tinging' noise as it runs dial-down that goes away dial-up. I think it's hitting the pallet bridge.

Once the mainspring and crystal arrive, I'll finish it up and send it back to him. I'm curious what he does with it...
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