Am new here...first ever LT purchase...M57

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Hi, am new here and firstly I must say these Lum-tec watches ARE amazing! And secondly I can't wait to receive my LT looks awesome. And am as blind as a bat but thankfully my radar is pretty good lol. Own 2 Breitlings which are awesome, but am as excited about this watch as ever I was about buying any other time piece. Why didn't I discover these guys before????
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M57 on Hornback
Have natos, silicone
The famous dive one
Tried the bracket

This works for me :)

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IMHO strap changes are easy

small strap tool widely available
there will be much opinion on what brand
i have several cheapies that came w/ various kits i have bought
one tip broke, but it came w/ 2 spares

Bergeon is considered the best, but i never got around to buying one

changing straps lets you totally change the look of the watch
i have Isofrane (black & orange), Hornback, silocone (orange, black & blue) digital camo, natos, zulus and a custom leather and canvas inbound

Straps are a inexpensive (well sometimes :) way to play around w/ your watch(s)

DONT put 24mm tubes on your watch, Bes will have to cut them off for you :(
(tubes are common on some straps, goes in tunnel on strap, then springbar goes inside)
24mm tubes on a 24mm lug will fit BUT no room to remove em...

enjoy buddy
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1 - 2 of 21 Posts
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