Am new here...first ever LT purchase...M57

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Hi, am new here and firstly I must say these Lum-tec watches ARE amazing! And secondly I can't wait to receive my LT looks awesome. And am as blind as a bat but thankfully my radar is pretty good lol. Own 2 Breitlings which are awesome, but am as excited about this watch as ever I was about buying any other time piece. Why didn't I discover these guys before????
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A great watch, one that I own. If you plan to use a leather band, this watch really looks better with another leather strap.
Here is mine, just an iphone pic but it lets you see it

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Congrats and welcome.

I just "discovered" Lum-Tec as well. I'm a relatively new Lum-Tec owner and now have two with a third on order.

It seems it is almost impossible for an avid watch collector to own only one.
Not many other watch brands have that ability or affordability, it allows middle class people to become watch collectors too :biggrin:
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