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1. Alpina has never been a brand that impressed me. I associate them with uninspired design and overpricing.
2. If I want a plastic watch I would get a G Shock.
3. How much plastic will all these watches remove from the ocean? I am sure it is an insignificant amount vs. the real scope of the problem.
4. I don't like how it looks. It looks like a cheap watch. I could go on for a long time about choices that look better and will hold value better over time.

Keep in mind I am really holding back as I don't want to offend any Alpina fans here.

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I dont mind Alpina watches and i actually have a vintage one. Alpina has been around for a very long time (about 125 - 130 yrs). They were initially associated with Glashutte and then became part of the 'Union Horologe' that eventually involved Rolex, Gruen, Alpina, Aegler and a few others. Eventually though, the quartz watch revolution put an end to the original Alpina and they kind of disappeared for about 30 yrs before being revised & refinanced in 2002. Alpina's focus since then has been on slightly higher priced & better quality sport watches using their own decent in-house movements. I think they're still struggling a bit for brand recognition in a busy section of the market-place but they'll stick around for a while yet.

This particular watch you are referring to doesn't really do it for me. It's okay but at 44 mm diameter its too large for my wrist and to my eye its overall look is a bit much.

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$1,530 (allowing $70 for the recycled plastic case and strap) for a basic SW200 movement is just more than I'd be willing to shell out. I have a (different branded watch) with that same Sellita movement in it that set me back a mere $400.

I'd rather wait 4 or 5 years and get a "previously-enjoyed" one for cheap on eBay.
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