Aerospace 3 day review

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Right, this is the third day that i have had my Aerospcae and i thought i would write an amateur review, please remember the word amateur as i am not a great writter.

I picked up my watch on tuesday night, i had bought it on E-bay and arranged with the seller to pick it up in newcastle (about 12 miles from me)
I was waiting all day to leave and when 4:30 came i was out of the door like a shot.
I met the guy outside the garage where his car was being serviced and he handed me a nice gift bag which held my new purchase.
Now normally i get really excited about picking up or awaiting delivery of a new watch, but this was more anticipation of trying on an Aerospace for the first time.
I opened the box and straight away was dissapointed, the watch looked really small and felt really light plus when I went to take it off the cusion I realised straight away that it would not fit, and even if i put in all the links it still looked like it would be tight.
After a brief conversation with the guy about his new watch and my obsession with Breitling i payed him the money and went on my way, but the more i looked at the watch the more i was starting to regret my purchase, i tried to be cool and tried to big the watch up, with "oh my god how cool" at the functions, but i was just not very impressed.
i took it back to the showroom and resized the bracelet, and as soon as the watch touched my wrist i knew it was actually a great watch, i spent all night playing with the functions sychronising the time and setting the second time zone. (french time)

The watch was a legend by wednesday morning and i loved it, the feel was great, the springloaded clasp was super comfy and the functions and ability to read the time unhindered by millions of registers and numbers was excellent.
I bashed it about a bit and went swimming on the night with it on, it performed as a true tool watch should, and made me feel totally at ease wearing it.
With the others i always feel cautious of scratching them or damaging them but the Aerospce just keeps taking what you throw at it and comes back for more.
This watch is a true tool watch and has proven itself to me as a worthy companion bringing both style and durability into my life.
Thanks for reading,

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Wow, is that some kind of record...? In one thread, you've bought it, hated it, resized it, liked it, loved it, reviewed it, and now you're ready to sell it.... :scared:.
Do you sit at traffic lights thinking your life's wasting away while waiting for the lights to change...?? :lol::lol:
I can understand the desire for the SO heritage, so I guess if it has to go, it has to go.
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